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Parameters and Variables – create, edit, remove

Published | Nov 1, 2020

The actions are very simmilar for Parameters and Variables. Thus, we sill show everything for Parameters, and they apply for Variables as well.

Before we begin

1. Open the Instruments, Parameters and Variables Manager

Click on the shape that you want to transform into a source.

2. Open the tab

Open the Parameters or the Variables tab

Add new Parameter/Variable

1. Press Add

2. Fulfill the properties

  • Name: identifier unique in all Parameters, Variables and Instruments. Will be used in formulas and appear in Excel in the algorithm table
  • Description (optional)
  • Unit: Represent the measure unit that the following “Default” propery is representing.
    It consists of two fields: The name of the measured item, and the measure unit. Example: “Pressure” and “Pa”.
  • Default: Represent the effective value of the Parameter

For Variables instead of the “Default” property there are the following properties:

  • Min: the mininum value that the Variable should hold.
  • Max: the maximum value that the Variable should hold.

3. Press Apply or OK

Remove Parameter/Variable

1. Select the Parameter/Variable

2. Press Delete

3. Confirm

Press “Yes”

Change Parameter/Variable properties

1. Select the Parameter/Variable

And then continue from the second step in the Add Parameter/Variable section

And at the end:

Apply changes

Pres OK or Apply in order to save the last change

Synchronize and save

Press the “Save” button in the AseptSoft ribbon. That will write the new association in all the other Processes if any, and then Save both the P&ID structure and the excel files.

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