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Formulas – create

Published | Dec 21, 2020
BLOG CATEGORY: Create | Formulas
How to create active components like Valves, Tanks, Filters that can hold a status in each phase.

1. Launch the Formula Manager

If you are in the Ribbon, just press the Formula Launch Button located in the Conditions group.

If you are editing conditions or adding new ones, press the “Formula…” button in the Condition textbox.

2. Formula Creation Flow

Chose by clicking in any order: 

  1. An Instrument
  2. A Comparison operator
  3. A Parameter of Variable

Those should be enought for a simple formula. If you want multiple conditions with an AND/OR/XOR between them, then press ont of the logic operator buttons, and then start again from the begining to append the second condition and so on. If you don’t want the subformulas to be included in brackets “()” then uncheck the brackets “()” button.

Note: You can edit all the textboxes by yourself, so you are not restricted to the list of Insturments, Parameters Variables and Operators. Just insert in the textbox you want anything and that value will be used. For example type: “+” in the operators textbox and you will use + instead of the standard ones. And insteead of any existing Parameter/Variable you can type any value you want: “14”.

3. Insert Formula

5. Save

Press the “Save” button in the AseptSoft ribbon.

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