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Parameters and Variables – about

Published | Nov 1, 2020


Are general constants that you want to name for a better use. For example “Tank A Capacity” is something general over all the processes. Another example is “Sterilization Time” that you can set to reprezent the general time that you spend on sterilization during the processes.

The Default property of a Parameter stores that information in AseptSoft.


Are the “memory” of the processes. If you want to make the physical components of the fabric to communicate one with each other, then you need to determine what information they will exchange. Also the operator must be able to set different configurations for the process.
Example: “Tank A Flow Quantity” that you can use to tell the system the ammount of Flow that you want the Tank A to receive this time.

Both Parameters and Variabes can be used in the Algorithm Design in formulas.
Example: If you want to do something when a pressure level is reached, then you can create the formula (using the Formula Manager, see the tutorial about it) as: “PIT PI = Parameter Preparation Pressure Level“. (See the related tutorials about Instruments as well.)

The Min and Max properties represent the range in which you want the values to fit in AseptSoft.



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