How is better to design pharma processes?

Traditional Paperwork

Projects are stored in tons of papers, making it hard to access and share with other engineers involved in the project. It can not be used to support a colaborative team in a meaningful way.

Printed P&IDs can be messy and engineers have to draw by hand the fluid paths with markers. Many times they forget to add critical information. Therefore error rate is very high at any project.

When occurs the need of a modification in the process, engineers get frustrated because they have to print all phases again and redraw the fluid paths by hand.

Qualification engineers need months to create the IQ/OQ documentation for the process. A great deal of time and energy is spent on process documentation.

With paper forms it is hard to know the status of the project. Especiallyt if you are a project manager.

On paper forms it is hard to optimise and to have an overview of the process. Process engineers need to check if the process is designed correctly and doesn’t contain errors.

Data can be easily lost or damaged on paper forms.

Advantages of AseptSoft®

AseptSoftⓇ collects and organises all project data that can be shared with anyone in the project that needs to see it instantly.

Digital P&IDs are designed with AutoCAD Plant 3D or Microsoft Visio using the AseptSoftⓇ plug in. Engineers set the components’s status with few clicks and the software draws the fluid paths automatically. Human error is completly eliminated.

Engineers design and modify the process by clicking, without the need to print and draw manually. AseptsoftⓇ provides an overview of the process, examines the related impacts and allows process testing with its stream function.

Engineers can export the Functional Specifications for IQ/OQ documentation with AseptsoftⓇ just with one-click. The software generates automatically the IOQ technical annexes in colored P&ID format and also tabular format.

With AseptsoftⓇ it is easy to keep track of the project because everything can be transmitted digitally.

AseptSoftⓇ brings all components process engineers need for the test of the process (variables and algorithms are adapted to their needs).

Data is highly secure, protected, backed up an stored digitally.