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Published | Dec 21, 2020

In AseptSoft each Process is an Excel Document (Workbook), having multiple Phases (Worksheets). Each Process represents and entire set of actions over the plan during the production. Ex: Preparation, Sterilization, etc.

Each Process is independet to the rest of them regarding the states of the components. But they need to have identical structure: The Valves associations, the Header associations and the Algorithm table must be placed on the same cell coordinates in every Worksheet (Phase) in the entire collection of Workbooks (Processes). Otherwise AseptSoft will display a message that will let you fix the problem.

Note: Anything that is not relevant for AseptSoft (appearance, not used cells) can differ between phases. Ex: a cell with a note for you to remember is not something AseptSoft will pay attention to.


Example of Process (named CIP) having 18 Phases (Worksheets) all of them differing just in valves status and algorithm table.

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