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Processes – synchronize

Published | Dec 21, 2020

Every time you apply certain modifications on one workbook, the rest of them must be updated accordingly.

 For example if you create a Valve association, then you will need to add the association in all Phases in all Processes.

The list of modifications that requires synchronization:

  • Association creation
  • Association cancelation
  • Association cell position change
  • Association cell renamed
  • Header association Index Tracker mode enable
  • Recover Processes
  • Apply Format/Text

Note: If your project has only one Process, then you can skip this. You won’t be affected at all by that function


To manually sync the project just press the Sync button.

Note: You don’t need to manually do that unless you want to be extra safe. AseptSoft will ask you if to sync when you save or close the P&ID. But It is good practice to sync/save every time you changed something

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