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Excel data repair

Published | Dec 21, 2020
BLOG CATEGORY: Phases | Processes

In case some cells have been changed and now the Process is not valid anymore you need to make it valid again. The Data repair function will help you on that.

You can chose between fixing:

  • The active Phase
  • The active Process
  • The entire Project

There are two things that will be fixed:

  1. If a Valve Association should have the text “VP101” and instead of that on that specific cell there is “Some other text” then AseptSoft will write “VP101” on that cell.
  2. If a Valve Association has an nonexistent state: “this is not a state” instead of something valid like “open”, “closed” ,”undefined” or something custom, then AseptSoft will change the cell into “undefined”.

Note: AseptSoft will automatically identify if there is something corrupted in a Phase when you activate it. So don’t bother to manually find eventual corruptions. Also when you create a new Phase (Worksheet) then AseptSoft will recommend you to either import data from another one or to use the Excel data repairer.


Before repairing a new blank Phase:

After repairing a new blank Phase:

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