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Export Processes as PDF

Published | Dec 21, 2020
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Exporting processes as PDF will make a PDF out of each Process. A PDF will have at least one page for each process (depending if you want dedicated pages for conditions).

1. Press “Phases”

Press the Export Phases button located in the “Export” group in the AseptSoft ribbon.

2. Select Processes

Check the boxes of the processes that will be exported

3. ToggleFluid Simulations

Check whether you want fluid simulations to be visible on your exported PDF. Also chose if you want Stops and Unknowns.

Note: the line size will be the currently set one. If you want to change it then cancel this window, change the Lines size in the Simulations group, and then come back to the export window.

4. Chose simulations type

If you enabled Fluid Simulations at step 3, you will be able to chose between 4 types of simulations out of which 3 types are available for export only.

  1. Full – these are the most used and also available in live mode. They will show you the fluid from a source through all possible routes.
  2. Changing areas only – if a shape has the same fluid status  as it was in the previous phase, then it NOT be highlighted with flow. Otherwise, if any fluid status change is affecting it, then it will display it’s fluid status as normally. Advantage: you won’t lose focus on any other components that the ones that worth attention.
  3. Trees containing a change – if on the entire hierachy from a source there is at least one shape changing status, then the hierachy will be highlighted. Otherwise they will look like there is no fluid.
  4. Lines containing a change – if there is a shape changing, the entire line from that shape’s source to itself will be highlighted.

5. Pages for Conditions 

You can chose how the pages having conditions will appear in the PDF:

  • If you check the “One Page without Conditions” then every single page will appear without any of it’s conditions. The instruments will not be highlighted in these pages, and the Trackers will have no text.
  • If you check the “One Page for each Conditions” then there will be created one page for each conditions of a phase. Check the “Highlight Intruments” if you want them to be highlighted like in the real navigation through conditions.

Note: At least one of the 2 Options must be Checked in order to export.

Example: If you have 2 pages (“p1” and “p2”)  where p1 has 1 condition: “c1p1” and p2 has 2 conditions: “c1p2” and “c2p2”,  then you have 3 export possibilities:

  1. Only “One Page without Conditions” is checked, so there will be 2 pages outputed:
    p1, p2
  2. Only “One Page for each Condition” is checked, so there will be 3 pages outputed:
  3. c1p1, c1p2, c2p2
  4. Both “One Page without Conditions” and “One Page for each Condition” are checked, so there will be 5 pages outputed:
    p1, c1p1, p2, c1p2, c2p2

6 Press Export

7. Select destination Folder

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