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Published | Oct 31, 2020

Categories are an easy way to organize the States


States are used to describe properties of shapes in each Phase. For example “open” and “closed” are possible states for a valve. But we are not talking just about valves. States are possible for any shape: Tanks, Pumps, etc.

Now the problem is that we want to organize them such that we won’t see an “open” State available when clicking on a Tank.


Unorganized way:

Valves, Tanks, Pumps, etc. share their States, such that you can set a valve as “filled” – which makes no sense, and you will have to find your State each time.

Organized way:

Valves have their States (the defauls ones. But you can add what you want):

Tanks have their States:

Pumps have their own States:

How does it works?

The selected Shape must have access to the Category posessing the State that you want to attribute.

Example: You want to make an associated shape “filled”. the “filled” State has the category “Tanks”. Then your shape must have the “Tanks” Category checked. 

Each State is possesed by a Category. You can see that in the States Pane. Select a state, and the first field is the Category that it has. If you want to see a list of all the States that a Category has, go to the Categories Pane and select the Category. There is a List of all of them.

Implicit Categories

The Categories that you don’t have to create and will be created automatically are:

  • Default – this is the category that will be accessible by any shape by default. If you want to restrict the access of a shape to it, then you have to do it manually. This category is very usefull when you don’t want to complicate yourself with Categories, so you can leave everything on Default. 
    Note: “open”, “closed”, “undefined” are Default States.
  • None – this is the category that is not accessible to any shapes. Thus you cannot assign it. Usefull to store States that you are not currently using.
    Note: when removing any category, all the States in that category will move to the None Category.

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