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Published | Nov 1, 2020

The Algorithm Table is a component of AseptSoft that allows you to define the required steps between each phase. You will find the table in Excel in each Phase in the same area. In the exported PID it will allow you to export a page for eah step of the algorithm, not a single page for the phase. Furhtermore, there are Trackers – AseptSoft components that will show live on the PID the current step of the Algorithm.

Conceptual Algorithm:

  • First, we need to wait ultil the tank “” will get the desired ammount of content.
  • Second, the operator must write in the computer the pressure level on the instalation.
  • If the pressure level is ok, then confirm the succes and move to the next phase.
  • Otherwise, announce the fail, and repeat the process from the phase 3.

←Algorithm Table→

The Algorithm Table will provide the following informations:

  • Type – The type of instruction. It can be custom or picked from the default list.
  • Description – The stept described in natural language.
  • Action – What the operator need to do when the condition is fullfilled.
  • Text – the prompt that the computer must put on the screen when the step will begin.
  • Jump if Fail: In case the condition is not reachable, then the process must restart. You can write here anything you want. AseptSoft will care only about the numbers. If there is a single number written, then AseptSoft will consider that in case of fail you have to navigate inside the same phase, to the mentioned step. If there are two or more numbers, AseptSoft will considet the first one as the phase you have to navigate inside the process, and the second one as the condition inside it that you want to navigate to.

Note: If you provide any text in the “Jump if Fail” field, then the following button will be available. By clicking on it, it will automatically navigate to the mentioned position in the process:

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