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Published | Oct 28, 2020
BLOG CATEGORY: General description | States

States are used to describe properties of shapes in each Phase. For example “open” and “closed” are possible states for a valve. But we are not talking just about valves. States are possible for any shape: Tanks, Pumps, etc.

Static States

A static state is the most common that you will ever use. They talk about a property: Open, Closed, On, Off. 

Example of static states:

Static States for Valves:

Open, Closed, Undefined

Static States for Tanks:

Filled, Empty

Static States for Pumps:

On, Off

Procentual (dynamic) States

A dynamic state is the kind of state that allows you to specify several properties about the valve. They talk about a quantity: Open 0%, Pumping 34%, Filled 49%, etc.

Example of procentual states:

Procentual States for Valves:

Open x%, Closed x%

Procentual States for Tanks:

Filled x%

COMING SOON! New Procentual States for Tanks:

Filled x%

Procentual States for Pumps:

Open x%, Closed x%

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